Snack Drawer


I’ve been trying to count my calories (or at least monitor then loosely) on, be my friend and hold me accountable if you’d like! (User Name: MeganHealey) but the tricky part for me is snacking. I love eating through out the day and it I eat a snack that is 300cal, then I feel I shouldn’t have any more snacks and begin to agonize over when the next meal is. To preemptively tackle that obstacle, I made myself a snack drawer.

As you can kinda see, all the snacks are labeled with calorie content and price (the price thing is just me being OCD and enjoying how cheap the snacks are). I tried to keep all the snacks to 100 calories tops though because that means I can grab 3 different things for my lunch box and then on top of it a 300 calorie lunch and I’m good while at work! I think it’s been going swell. I grab healthy portioned snack while they are on sale and have kept my snack drawer with lots of options! I hope this inspires others to plan a head to positively effect their meal planning!


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