Blue Asia – All you can eat Deal!


So in Wilmington a while back a new sushi place opened up that offered “All you can eat” sushi. No it’s not a buffet, you get a special menu and can order unlimited things off of it! And it is quite extensive with soup, salad, appetizers, sushi rolls, fancy sushi roles, nigiri, and some entrees! YUMYUMYUM! So for Collin’s Birthday dinner we went there last night and I feel we got more then our money’s worth (it’s $19.99 per person)!

BBQ Eel Don x2, Crab Rangoon, Dragon Roll, Flying Fish Roe x2, Mackerel Nigiri, Smoked Salmon Nigiri, Sweet Potato Tempura, Volcano Roll, Rainbow Roll, Egg Nigiri, Yellowtail Nigiri, Edamame, and Emerald Roll. YAAAAAAY!! Go eat there.


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