I can be a prankster! Fake Cookies and Donut Surpise!


So this weekend and into Monday I’ve felt like quite the little prankster. Today being April Fools, I wanted to get my boyfriend, without being to aggressive or mean. So with the inspiration and directions from this site: Jacqs, It’s just me. Again. Who has a recipe for Fake Chocolate Chip Cookies (Mashed Potatos and Black beans!) We made a batch of cookie for pre-made dough so the house smelled good and then baked the imposers.

They don’t get as dark at the real cookies and and the “chocolate chips” look a little like raisins, so after I arranged them ont he plate I dimmed the lights so it wouldn’t be so obvious.

I hid the real cookies under the fake once for damage control and a quick apology! I didn’t know if anyone would take the bait, but our hard work was not in vain. So my friend who took them home got her lovely man who declared, “I USED to trust you!” I feel I need to send him an apology since it was my bad influence. Another one of her roommates stuck the whole cookie in his mouth and ate it so she wouldn’t have the satisfaction of the trick. My boy hate half of it and ask what was wrong with the cookies, after I told him, he declared, “Real friends don’t let friends eat potato cookies.” ❤ I love him and his sad face. Totally worth it!

Other “pranks” this weekend: So my best friends birthday is today actually (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELENE!) and I went to stay with them last weekend, but she didn’t know. So her husband turned on music and I hid in a pantry while he distracted her in the guest room. I snuck up to her office and sat in her big executive chair with the back turned to the doorway. When I heard her enter the room, I swung it around and there I was with a donut lit full of birthday candles.

I actually scared her really bad and felt the guilt as soon as I heard the gasp, but she was happy I was there and the donut was quiet yummy. We had a great weekend.

Sunday was Easter and my family meets up at my aunts for a big dinner and fun. We only have one child so its not the big Easter egg hunt it used to be, with tackling and dirty tricks to win the most. MY mom thought it’d be funny to hid only a few eggs, but to make it look more fantastic, she hid a bunch of water balloons too. It actually turned out to be great fun and a tradition I think we’ll keep around forever more.


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