Eggsperiment! Bacon and Ranch (oven baked) deviled eggs!


I’m going to a pot luck tonight and my contribution is deviled eggs. I figure a lot of people might be whipping some up in the next couple days in preparation for Easter, so I wanted to rush this recipe blog out ASAP! So firstly, The Burlap Bag blogged on how to make “hard boiled” eggs in the oven. Having to make so many to do at once, this solution seemed perfect (if it works..)!

 I put mine in cupcake tins like they suggested and baked them at 325 for 30 minutes and sure enough, they were hard boiled eggs that were a little spotty (brown speckles) like warned that were SUPER EASY to peel. I had to make a few more eggs today and did them the old fashion way, and peeling them sucks so much I wish I’d baked them again. So fear not – give it a try. Its a huge time saver and easy.

So the recipe from I Heart Naptime Blog! Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs – yes its an amazing as it sounds. Its super easy with crumbled bacon and the ranch powder packet added to your usually ingredients. I made half bacon and half vegitarian so the people have options, but I’m really pleased with both! Now it just to resist the urge to eat them before the dinner.

So I am in LOVE with this Reisling. Back a few months ago, my friend brought it to our wine tasting party. Hers was teh Select Harvest Sweet Reisling, which I haven’t been able to find since, so I just brought home the generic one. Nope, this baby is out of this world too! I am really loving it and I don’t normally like Reislings, or whites. So ff you are a fan of sweet wines, give this one a shot!


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