Fitness Update: Starting over


So I don’t view it a great failure, but with the encouragement of my boy, I’m starting the Year of Mellissa Bender workouts again. Its not a huge tragedy, because week three is a repeat of the first two weeks, but I know that I skipped out on the workouts for 12 and 13. I just had other things to do (like produce quilts for my business that have deadlines, and did not manage my time correctly. So I am admitting this mistake and learning from it. I don’t feel like I’ve changed much the fist two weeks, If we have to be honest, I feel heavier although my weight is the same. But I was feeling good while maintaining the workout routine and my body was sore but not too sore. I do think I have to push myself harder, so a small goal is that I hope to work into my Mellissa days it a mile run with the dog in the morning before I shower. I normally work out in the afternoon – and I don’t want to change that because in the mornings I suck pretty bad and getting a workout in. but I have to walk the dog and it generally takes 15 minutes to walk him around, so why not walk the mile loop around my neighborhood and after he poops, run the rest of the way to get some cardio in before work? I hope to make this a habit and in time, run farther – but right now he isn’t a good runner after a mile (and lets me honest, neither am I). Yesterday we tried for 3 miles and didn’t succeed in running the whole time. Anyway, so a little assistance, I have DL’d to my phone Endomondo, to track my mileage, and Mapmyrun, to help me preemptively map it out.

When this blog publishes, I should be doing the Butt Kicker Workout:

So join with me in fitness!


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