Crockpot Recipe Review: Better Homes and Garden Thai Chicken over Rice Noodles


So you are going to notice me trying to use my crock pot more over time. Its so easy to whip up a meal. The slow cooking process makes the house smell great and what is better then to come home and have no hassle? We tried the Better Homes and Garden Thai Chicken over Rice Noodles from a cookbook Collin’s mom gave us. The prep for the immediate meal isn’t too bad, once its cooked you do have to drain the sauce, simmer the juice with cornstarch to thicken it up and added it back to the veggies and chicken. Me and Collin were not huge fans of the mushrooms and sprouts for the main vegetables, but I’m happy to try new flavors and poke our toes outside the box. I also held off on the spicy ingredients, because Collin isn’t a fan and instead put the canned green chilies you’d put in Mexican dishes and I think it retained some of the spice without being too strong.

For dessert I actually grabbed a premade tapioca and young coconut can. The coconut milk wasn’t sweet enough so I also added some canned lyche juice and lyche fruit. I think dessert was my favorite part of this meal.

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