Pintrest Review: Apple Brie Crescent Rolls


So my buddy Calie asked me to be a bridesmaid the other week and so we’ve been doing a lot of brain storming on how to have a low budget, rustic wedding. The plan was I was going to sew quilts while she did crafts, but it quickly unraveled into us and her sister looking at pintrest, drinking wine and eating appetizers. What a hard life we life right?

I’d wanted the wine and snacks element because planning a wedding (I’ve recently learned) is amazingly stressful and mind dulling and it makes me glad that me and my boy just live in sin and don’t worry about the wedding step. So here is a quick Pintrest review on Dancing Branflakes‘s Apple and Brie Crescent Rolls. Her teaser picture alone that’s going around pintrest looks AMAZING! but once you drizzle honey over the hot final product, you know you’ve struck gold. Its very tasty, easy to make and I think a real impressive appetizer if you served it at a party. The only down side is the brie and walnuts are pretty expensive for how quick you’ll scarf them down and I recommend buying two can’s of the crescent rolls, because you go through the 8 pretty fast and will want more. I made corn to eat with my “lunch” because eating cheese, fruit and bread makes me feel unhealthy.

We washed all that yumminess down with a random Malbec I picked up. We’ve been drinking all kinds of wines these past few months and nothing is more reassuring to me then the tried and true Malbec, but this one left me unimpressed, so I’ll probably not buy it again. I’ve been trying to find the Chateau St Michelle Harvest Select Sweet Riesling 2011 that Maria brought to the Wine tasting party that was our crowd favorite. I cna’t seem to find it in stores now, which I think makes me want it more?


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