Girls Night Discontinued until we find a new obsession


Me and my friend Calie were having weekly TV viewings on ABC’s The Bachelor. And as stupid as that show is, it is a great event night show. Its pretty mindless so there isn’t a solid commitment to following along which fosters conversation through out the program. It is a dreamy way to portray dating, where a TV studio orchestrates these amazing dates, in amazing locations with gourmet meals and fancy cloths. So even if you think its trashy to date 25 different people and slowly kick off a few candidates an episode, you still can enjoy the breathtaking execution of the dating process. Its soft core dating porn for women. So we’d take turns cooking diner and the other would bring the wine and it was a perfect girls night. Of coarse my boyfriend would come storming out of his room and yell at the TV occasionally for how stupid it was, but now that Sean picked Katherine, we have no weekly reason to have these girl nights. The last meal was Calie being awesome and checking my pintrest board called “Food I want to eat” and making me White Chicken Enchiladas! She took the recipe I linked to and used all low fat ingredients and it was very yummy!!


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