Sweetheart dinner


I’m so excited to share this meal with you guys! I found all the recipes scattered around the internet and wanted to pull them into one devishly yummy meal. Please bear in mind, I topped this meal off with Strawberry Chiffon Pie, click the link to get my recipe review and link to that recipe! So this meal is an assortment of things.

The chicken is just a straight up breast, slathered in olive oil and then seasoned with Garlic Pepper. I put them on a grill pan and let them cook on a medium heat while wrangling the rest of the meal.

The Broccoli Rabes recipe is from Whole Living: Crispy Broccoli Rabe, Chickpea, and Fresh Ricotta Salad. I altered the recipe a little by putting Italian seasoning, lemon zest and craisins into the ricotta cheese. That decision is a a weird brain child of the Goats Cheese stuffed Zucchini Rolls we made a while back with craisins in the herbed goats cheese and these Champagne Stuffed Shells which I apparently ate so fast and happily, I forgot to blog about it… Anyway, the stuffed shells are stuffed with lemon basil and equally amazing. Collin gave the seal of approval and said we should never have ricotta cheese without craisins! Haha!

The Creamy Garlic Shells came from this fantastic blog: iowagirleats.com I honestly didn’t change much. Collin doesn’t like herbs so I left out the parsley, but otherwise, its an amazing recipe for homemade cheesy macaroni!


To finish the night, we had red wine on the side. Collin isn’t a huge wine fan, so I got a sweet red. I really enjoyed the Rebel Red Blend of Middle Sister so this time I went with Sweetie Pie. Collin really liked it, although he microwaved it and added cinnamon and cardamon and tried to pretend it was a bastard glogg. I found it really tasty at first, but instead of it growing on me I liked it less and less the more I drank. Its not bad, but I wouldn’t buy it again, unless we were making Glogg – then it’s perfectly sweet. I do want to get Rebel Red again to revisit.


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