Nuzlocke Challenge Update (2)


So I started blogging about this here, but I’ll recap: As a Pokemon enthusiast who has played the game multiple times, I was very excited about the Nuzlocke challenge, where you can only capture the first pokemon you encounter in a new area and if it faints, you treat it like its died forever and must release it into the wild.

I’ve been lagging behind, mostly because I was very intimidated by Misty’s water Gym. Cerulean Gym is of of the hardest gyms when you have a Charmander starter pokemon and now with the Nuzlocke Challenge, no grass pokemon in my arsenal.  So I trained in the grass and got everybody up to level 20. I per-emptively put all pokemon weak to water in the computer so that I wouldn’t sabotage myself and lose a good pokemon in a fight i know that one hit will kill him. WE had two casualties (yes I had to make the choice of who I was sacrificing and it hurt) but now we are on our way to the next city and here is the line up:

I’m not a huge fan of bug pokemon – but in this case I love um. The only guy I have in the computer is another Meowth I just caught on route 6. If I lose anybody I’ll train it and evolve it to a Persian, but I really like keeping Meowths on my team because of their pick up ability.

As for the Casualty list: I must lay to rest and thank my Manky, Moonboy, for his sacrifice in Mt Moon fighting team rocket, I don’t think his death was worth keeping their organization from capturing two fossils, but I will name the fossil pokemon I will resurrect in his honor and maybe call him Luna or Lune. Goodbye my dear Rattata Remmi, who I lost on the Nugget Bridge needlessly. We should have trained you harder before pushing you to fight such vicious trainers. And thank you Pancakes and Spanks, my Pideoto and Fearrow respectively. Misty is one hard bitch to beat and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it if your sand attacks and quick attacks had not hit Staryu true to their target. Their brave strategy fighting, allowed the brutal attacks to miss their mark and spared the lives of the rest of the team.

Until next time my fellow gamers!


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