Recipe Review: Strawberry Chiffon Pie


I was going to write about this anyway, but because today is π day lets review a PIE recipe!

I actually made this as part of my 3 year anniversary dinner for my lovely boyfriend. I wanted something refreshing and light and fruity for dessert. I found through Pintrest this Strawberry Chiffon Pie. I did make my own changes. I decided to not put food coloring in it and went with the natural soft pink versus bright pink they achieved. They recommended graham cracker crust, but I went with the normal pie crust – although Collin later admitted he’d like graham cracker more. I still insist maybe a cookie crust – but I’m not a fan of graham cracker. I didn’t bother with the white chocolate garnish on top and instead sprinkled lemon zest and decorated it with heart-shaped strawberry slices.

If I could make any changes I think I’d add more berries, maybe 1 carton of strawberry and one of blackberries. Actually this summer I really want to take a trip to Lynchburg and pick all the raspberries and blackberries my greed self can handle and maybe I’ll make a pie of that! Also the filling can make about two pies worth. That’s why I I have the little cups full. Make this recipe and enjoy my friends! Spring is almost here and this puts you in the perfect mood. Oh! I should make it for EASTER! I’m so happy!


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