Melissa Bender Fitness – Day 1


I’m so excited to have found this on pintrest! This really down to earth lady, Melissa Bender put all of her workouts for an entire year on her blog for others to follow along for their own workout routines. Her site also has recipes and a way to connect to others for support. I find it really exciting. I need something to get behind and be motivated by, so I started yesterday. I attached the majority of the first workout video below. I find her personality really approachable so she doesn’t totally intimidate me. Her sporadic interactions with her husband who is filming also makes me smile and like her more.

After doing this first workout, I had to laugh at myself for how much fail I had on the yoga ball parts. I also was unable to do the wall sit leg lifts. I will continue to work on these until I can! The next day, my body was lightly sore and felt good. I didn’t feel like I’d be unable to exercise for days, like some intense workouts leave you. I chose to do the intermediate reps this time, but week 1 and week 3 are the same plan, so on week 3 I hope to do the Advanced Reps.

Here’s a little snapshot of where my body is at. Hopefully once I have good results, I can proudly show off the comparisons without embarrassment about my body. I chose to photograph myself in those black shorts, because I hope to find the finished results more flattering!



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