Nuzlocke Challenge


I might not talk about it, but I’m a huge nerd over pokemon. I’ve been playing since middle school and I never get bored of replaying them and know many useless facts. Anyway, on Thursday I wanted something on in the background while I graded some IQ tests, so I turned to Twitch.TV a site my boy has been streaming Dead Space 3 on. I found a few live streams of people playing pokemon! Who knew that would be a thing. I have always enjoyed watching video games myself so I’m glad this site exists. I have returned back to it a few times, I enjoy watching this guy Austin play. Anyway, I also ran across this person broadcasting his Nuzlocke Pokemon challenge. Its apparently a way to play pokemon – click the link for the explanation. Basically you can only catch the first pokemon you come across in each area and if a pokemon faints, you must treat it like its dead forever. Of corse this gets my heart all excited and I want to start with FireRed and play each one by those rules until I play them all. Highly unlikely that will come to pass, but let my little heart imagine big.

So I died fighting my Rival after selecting Bulbasaur!!!?! That almost never happens so I’ll hang my head in shame. I went ahead and restarted my game and took that as a sign, I should have chosen Charmander. Now I’m a day in and things are progressing nicely.

My Current Team:

I am currently progressing through Mt. Moon, with pokemon lvl 8-14. We have the Boulder Badge and have had only one casualty.

We lost Remus on Route 3 to a Lvl 14 trained Pidgey. RIP. I’ll update as I progress!

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