Recipe Review: Taco Stuffed Manicotti


I was inspired to make this Taco Stuffed Shells recipe, but had a little hiccup at the grocery store, they we out of  shell! Oh noes! So I made a quick decision to buy Manicotti. It tasted great! I made a few changes to their recipe, so here is my recipe review!

My Stratagy:
1 lb. ground beef, taco seasoning – 1 flavor packet and follow their instructions to flavor the meat, 1 block of 1/3 cal cream cheese
Cook the meat, add the Taco seasoning, once its cooked – throw in a whole block of cream cheese
Meanwhile, cook up the manicotti/shells according to package instructions.
Lay down a thin layer of salsa (I skipped buying taco sauce and used salsa for everything) in the baking dish and then stuff the manicotti with the beef filling. Once they are all full, pour remaining beef mixture of top, pour remaining salsa on top of that and finish with as much Mexican 4 cheese you’d like.
Bake at 350 until its bubbly and the cheese is melted and EAT! Its super easy with only 6 ingredients and we were happy with the results. I topped mine off with sour cream and tortilla chips with a side of veggies, but that’s all personal choice. The original recipe suggested peppers and olive and guacamole. Its easy to make this simple idea fit the flavor choices of your family!

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