Castle Rock Pinot Noir Red Wine


I’m going to put this out here, I don’t know much more then the common person about wine. But I’m interested in trying to learn, so I wanted to blog about what I’ve been drinking and how I stumble across them! Google and wikipedia are my amazing best friends on the internet. Whenever I’m not sure what to accompany a main dish, I just type in, “What goes well with ________.” and all is unveiled. So I typed, “What wine goes well with chicken Parmesan.” and ehow stepped up to the plate. It recommended Italian Sangiovese, Merlot and Pinot Noir and broke it down as “Sangiovese is rarely made in the United States. This makes finding a  good and cheap bottle all but impossible.” So I took it’s name out of the running and looked at the other two, “Merlot is a well-rounded, friendly table wine, but a bit on the dry side. Pinot Noir is more velvety, earthy, and smacks of red fruits.” With the words velvet, earthy and smacks of red fruit – I was sold!! ❤ So then I turned back to google and typed in, “Cheap best Pinot Noir” I have a confession ( I don’t know how to pronounce Pinot Noir.. -.-) and The Kitchen stepped up to the plate. Apparently Pinot Noir are more on the >50$ price because they are a high maintenance grape to grow and process, but when this site keeps saying words like, “elegance, finesse, perfume, silky tannins, and bright fruit character.” I was willing to take a risk as drinking a cheap one! Haha.. So I’m standing in Lowes Foods staring at their wine section and going down the list to see if they carry any of the recommended brands. 6 from the top, I found they did carry Castle Rock brand. Excuse me for this goofy insight – but I had already eyed that brand because it made the Tyrion Lannister fangirl in me mistake it for Casterly Rock. ❤ Anywho, I grabbed that one for last weeks Bachelor tv reality trash night.

We liked it! It’s label describes it as, “The wine is elegant and medium-bodied, offering aromas of cherry, tea and herbal spice. On the palate it is smooth with a silky texture and mild tannins, giving flavors of black cherry, plum and spice, and finishing long and harmoniously, this versatile food wine pairs well with lamb, veal, salmon and light pasta dishes. ” I’m not sure I’d buy it again because there are so many others I want to try in my exploration into wine, but I liked the cherry flavor that is present. Its not as sour as the red blend we drank last week so I do agree with the “bright” description of Pinot Noir from The Kitchen.


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