Jet Program Update


So the very first entry of this blog was talking about my trip to Atlanta to interview for Jet last year. I ended up making the short list, which means I was qualified for the position but not ranked high enough to receive a placement, but that I was on the waiting list. As the year ended, I had come to disappointed terms that I would not be upgraded, but I was going to reapply in 2013 and had high hopes that I would be a shoe in. I was disappointed to find out that I didn’t make it even to the second round of the interview process, which was more disappointing. But I think that its worth thinking about before I lay it to rest until next years application process. So the only major difference in my applications from last year to this one was my references. The first time I applied, I asked for references from my high school Japanese teacher and my college political science teacher and academic adviser. Both of who were Japanese. This year I wanted to show a new side of me, a requested professional references from my old boss (where I was the on shift supervisor in a retirement group home) and my current boss (where I was the primary scheduler for 160 clients and 90 caregivers). I was excited to show my career path since college and how great I am as an employee. Anyway, I’m now guessing a huge fascination with Japan counts more then professional success, so I’ll go back to my A-team Japanese references. I’ll continue working my job with children where I help diagnose learning disorders ( I was hoping the new job with kids would also be a plus…).  And I also think that I need to seriously study the Japanese language. I would definitely put myself at the bottom of any list because of my lack of language compared to another applicant. Other then that, I don’t know how to make myself my desirable. I guess I’ll update yall in a year on what happens next and in the mean time write my references a solemn thank you.

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