Pintrest idea review: Clementine Candle


So often, you see amazing ideas on Pintrest and feel the courage to master it yourself. Sometimes they don’t work out the way you hoped. Sometimes they are comically funny disasters (Pintrest Food Fails examples). Sometimes you feel like the fucking king because it turns out right. Anyway, I figure when I tackle such projects, I can’t claim the product as my own but I still want to blog it so I’ll do reviews. Yesterdays project? Clementine Candle

Now, my first error might have been that I bought a tangerine, because it didn’t have a firm “wick” running through the middle to light on fire. I googled wicks to figure out what to do (because trying to jerry rig one out of peel was not igniting). Long story short, I rolled up some paper and folded the bottom into a pyramid shape so it wouldn’t fall over and filled the olive oil up and it worked just fine. I think my wick was too tall though because the next issue was I lit the top on fire! Nothing dangerous but I had to throw it away and it wasn’t as cute at the tutorials lit up ball of orange. The video claims it’ll make the house smell good as well, which I found not true – but maybe it is more effective if you have a top on it. I will try it again soon. It’s a fun little pyromaniac activity and very low cost if you already has olive oil and each the Clementine. The tutorial video is below. Give it a try and let me know how you fair!

Another upside is, while researching wicks, I found out about the existence of wooden wick candles. Apparently they make popping noises like a cracking fire for a candle, so I think that’s super cool and want to give it a try. This company, Virginia Candle Company, was even started in my college home town!


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