Day Two: Copenhagen


So we thought we were striking gold with our overnight flight from Canada to Copenhagen. We leave North America in the evening and arrive at 10a to Europe. Ideally, we’d be well rested and ready to trek out and explore. Ideally. But its not easy to get restful sleep on an international flight and we were just grateful enough to get fed dinner and the small breakfast muffin.

Travel Tip: My mom gave me a package of small protein bars which were total life savers the whole trip! I might be cheap, but at the Toronto airport, when they were charging $14 for a sandwich, I was stubborn and thinking I’d rather starve then pay that much for food. This protein bars took up very little room and where the perfect hold over until we could locate food.

So we get off our flight and I have a lovely cramp under my knee on my right leg which causes me to limp!! Thankfully I walked it off through the day, but today was another day with our packs. That evening we were going to couchsurf but our host would not be home until after 5!

It’s funny when you look at the area we walked, it seems small enough but another day of lugging our packs seriously takes its toll on your back, ones nerves and energy level. We took the train to Norreport station and walked through a long shopping district that was decked out for Christmas. Once we got some bearing of where we were going, we headed toward the Trivoli in search of a Forex bank, which I’d read online had the best exchange rates and no commissions. To be honest, I can’t say if that’s true or not.

Traveler’s Tip: By the end of the trip we came to the conclusion that with awareness to what you are pulling out, its easier to just rely on ATMs to pull out money, then having to worry about locating money exchange centers. All too often the places were closed for the holidays (this was more of an issue in Germany later in the trip) and you could never know if the exchange rate was the best or how much the commission would be. ATMs, on the other hand, were found everywhere and if your bank in the USA offers a decent rate and small fee, it is the better plan. My thought process was that if I pulled out a certain amount of money I could manage it better, but Collin’s counter was that almost every night we did have internet access and could check our bank statements. I think if we return to Europe I will not bother bringing American dollars, because there was nothing more infuriating then being hungry and not being able to pay for food because I only had (American) monopoly money.

From the Forex (which turned out to be in Central Station), we took the trains to Christianhavn and the canals and old architecture just blew us away. We paused to take photos..

We made our way to the Parliament building, which has burned down numerous times and has an interesting ruins below it. I’m not sure what I expected but the reality of it fell in-between best case scenario and being disappointed. Its not a magical, in shambles “ruins” as much as a well documented, educational walk through the underground foundation. Its large enough and has plenty of literature to be worth the cost.

After we finished it was time to find our host, Stefan’s, yellow house.

Out host Stefan was great. We got to his house before him and were worried that our dirty tired selves would seem too worn out to enjoy his generosity and we’d be bad surfers. He cooked us pumpkin soup and we talked until 10p. We were put up in a spare room with a bed! It was so nice after roughing it for two days, but I had a hard time sleeping because of my body clock being out of wack.

This is what I remember from his Pumpkin Soup recipe:
1 Pumpkin chopped into 1 inch cubes, 1 bullion cube, water to fill the pot your cooking it in.
Boil together and cook on medium for 20 minutes until the pumpkin is soft.
Remove about 1 cup of pumpkin chunks, blend the rest of the mix together until smooth.
Serve the soup and pumpkin separately so that you can choose how chunky you want the soup.
On the side, serve sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flavored olive oil.
I can’t wait to make it! Its super yummy!!


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