Ghetto Computer gets fabric aid!


I should be more embarrassed and not post this, but this is my newest project! I’m using a laptop hand-me-down from my loving boyfriend which over the past two years has served me well. The main problem is the hinges to support the screen slowly but surely broke and until 2 days ago, I had given up using it as a laptop, and it was more of a desktop – the screen propped up by a giraffe stuffed animal.  Last Wednesday, I started my new job and realized that everybody used their own personal computer and the company doesn’t provide us with a communal one to write our reports. This set me in motion to fix what I had, because I’m in no position to buy a new computer, no matter how much I’d like one!  So I rigged up a slip cover with a ribbon to hold the screen from falling backwards, while I ribbon down the back holds the screen up. My co-workers have made a few comments about how its colorful and when I explained it -they’ll tack on that I’m creative, but nobody has told me its wildly inappropriate, so its doing its job!



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