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So with the month change, I feel that auspicious tingle that now is the time for change. Or maybe I was tried of being lazy all week, laying around in my PJs watching myself fail hardcore at doing anything other then Pokemon video games and sleeping. So here it is, November 1st and I want to crack out the new me resolutions now and stop being what I’ve been.

Let me start with some observations of what I’ve been doing and would like to change. In the past two weeks I’ve seen a significant drop is craft activity and output. I know part of it was me trying to spend less money on the fabric since I’m not selling as many blankets as I’d like, but I can’t let that make me grind all projects to a halt. I have so much fabric its ridiculous and have a project in the works that just needs to be sewn. I think another reason I’ve stopped crafting was I had a finished product I hadn’t put in the mail yet because of a lack of box. I know this seems like a dumb reason, but I get hung upon the weirdest things and now I’ve mailed it – I’m hoping to progress forward again. My room has also been a horribly dirty environment which I know stops me from wanting to be in it. I have unhung curtains piled in the middle of the floor, my winter/summer clothes mid-switch all over my bed and the usual clutter was leaving me with a sense of dread. I am resolved in cleaning my work area today. My addressing these three main problems, I think things should improve.

I’ve also stopped working on my internet presence, which impacts the quilting business because I would like to use social media to promote the Etsy store. I usually have twitter, facebook, deviant art, pintrest and this blog up in my tabs, but some have lately gone missing. I am rectifying this by making a favorites folder so every morning I can open them all up at once and check them. Twitter also has a way of overwhelming me because of the large quantities of posts. I just need to get over my OCD and except its ok to not read all of them.

I got a little derailed and didn’t finish this blog last night. Its all about honesty right people?

Things I hope to write about in the future: Lila’s reaction to the Peacock tutu and putting a listing up on Etsy, Giving blood, business cards, Niagara falls, trip to Europe,  Greg’s Mustache party

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  1. i can totally relate to your being bummed out about clutter and such. i have the same problem. so….a word of encouragement from a fellow creative person: i have decided that maybe i had to choose between having a really tidy house and letting my art flow. i used to have a practically perfectly clean house and did not create any art. someday, when i am at the end of my life, i don’t think it will matter that my house was messy. i think that the wonderful art pieces that i have created and shared with others and the happiness that it all created and hopefully will live on after me is what will be remembered. anyone can clean their house. only a few of us are artists who share our creations with everyone 🙂

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