Peacock Tutu


My friend Callie, out of nowhere asked “Do you know how to make a tutu?” and my mind exploded, because I’ve been meaning to make a peacock tutu since I saw this tutorial. If her beautiful visuals don’t inspire you to make your own, then nothing will. I made it my own way, mimicking her visual presentation and less on how she did it. Felt is on sale at Joanns right now. You’ll need 2 sheets of brown, and one of the lime green, royal blue and turquoise.  She hot-glue gunned the felt together. I chose to just sew all of it together. I’d say do what looks best to you.

She also recommended the tulle colors: Royal Blue, Teal, Lime Green, and Brown. I had maroon tulle already so I thought I’d make it with that instead of brown. I also only did one color f blue. I bought two shades of blue but apparently I hate really fluffy tutus – even though the fluffier ones look better.. so I made my less full bodied and made my friend Callie’s the recommended colors and fluffier. I’m going to be honest – her’s looked better lol. I hope she posts the pictures of her s online soon so I can show off both versions.
Most Tutu tutorials teach the slip-knot strategy with elastic ribbon but I didn’t want to take the time to tie each knot. So I just pinned a ribbon to my computer chair, layer the tulle over is and sewed it shut. It doesn’t have elasticity of the other way,  but since this tutu is more of a tail, I just wanted it to have the front tie ribbon that could accommodate any toddler growth.

Today I’m hoping to finish the costume with a peacock themed hair comb and send it off to my lovely little niece.
If you have any interest in commissioning a costume like this, choose your animal and color scheme and I’d need a waist measurement and a desired length! It’ll be about $30 bucks unless I’m making it for a adult child lol. Contact me at


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