The Games we play: Pokemon


I just received Pokemon Black 2 in the mail yesterday and I’m a couple hours in.  Having a great time but it inspired shenanigans. Craigslist Shenanigans.

Subject: Energetic Trainer looking for her Professor Oak

Now that Pokemon Black/White 2 has come out this week, I need to be honest with myself and everybody else. I need a Pokedaddy. There is no way I will be the very best, beat my rival and beast the Gym Leaders and Champion unless I have some financial backing. So I’m looking for a Professor Oak type guy who wants to sponsor me in my quest. In exchange for helping me cover my bills so I can hibernate in my room and play all the gameboy my little heart desires, I’ll be willing to send you daily/weekly pokemon themed packages stuffed full of diaries of my travels, pokethemed baked goods, pokemon crafts and accessories. Lets have fun and share in our fanatical goal to fill up my pokedex.

I wrote it partly because if somebody paid me to play pokemon – my life would be complete, but also for giggles. I’ve played my luck on Craigslist before – and got over 200 responses for a simple personal ad. I know that its a dangerously scary place to goof about. But these are the responses:


    Is that all you are offering? I was hoping for more.
I googled David’s last name and he is a prominent realtor in Wilmington… lol – Who writes sketchy emails from their personal account?
“single here retired…details of your quest”
“You sound amazing…”
“Do you have a pic?”
“??? What the fuck are you talking about!”
“You must be 7 years old. That is the most rediculous post I have read on CL to date. If you truely are 27 then I am even more appalled. Get a job and a life.”
This posting has been flagged for removal.
Lol – And that was the end of my fun. Every time Pokemon puts a new game out, and I post on Craigslist looking for a friend. It’s never yielded anything in the past – but this year I wasn’t even trying as much as goofing around. Oh well. Back to my game.

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