I will Triforce you to love me.


When you finish a blanket, you are supposed to be proud of it, but all I feel is happiness that I’m done. The original design is not my own, so if you can find who thought up the Triforce with the heart in the middle, I’d love to know who to credit. I saw this idea in a geeky proposal thread that had a ring box with a triforce heart and it said “I will triforce you to love me.” and instead of thinking “creepy!” my heart melted and I thought it was very romantic.

Anyway, this project was a disaster. The fabric is a easily unraveled embroidered gold fabric and a black stretchy velveteen one. The black velvet when cut creates this amazing dust that gives you black lung too. I’m so glad I’m finished. If I make this design in the future, I’ll only be using quilting cotton fabric. To subject myself to the velvet – somebody would need to pay me triple!!!!

Anyway, the finished product is good, just the process getting there was taxing. If you are interested in buying it, please visit my etsy store or drop me a line.


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