I won’t lie about being excited about Pokemon Black 2 coming out Oct 7th. I was so excited about it, that that’s what I asked for my birthday – in July. Haha. But leading up to this release, I’ve found myself wanting ot work on Pokemon themed projects. I’ve been desperately trying to finish up some rouge project quilts so I can focus all my attention on this bad boy!

Which I fully intend on making my own bed comforter. So hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be releasing a stretch Crushed velvet Triforce blanket. Yes, the fabric is as annoying as it sounds!!!
But like I said in the mean time I’ve been working on little pokemon projects between the quilt loose ends. IGN a while back post the top 100 most popular pokemon as voted by the internet, so I’m letting that guide me on which Pokemon I paint. Last night, was Charizard!

Like the Pikachu one, its make for paper and fits on a push glow nightlight. I’m quiet happy with it. Buy it here.

Also made Cascarones of the Charizard Family. I like painting the shells, so if anybody wants to commission me, I’m happy to do any pokemon $3 each.

Ok, hopefully I’ll have more progress in a day!


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