Joust Pillow – 8bit pillow exploration


Last week 8bitHealey ran a contest to like our facebook page and share our etsy store to be in the running to win a free 8bit Pillow. Really only my friends participated, but that’s fine! I need to learn to put myself out there more and explore options on how to get people excited in what I’m doing, so it was a start. The winner chose a Joust pillow. I love when people choose things I would not expect or think of, it expands my portfolio and pushes me. The first risk was that the design was 20 squares and I wanted ot restrict it ot 17 so that it stayed small and pillow like. I decided to go with it and instead, make the squares smaller. So this pillow is my first time sewing 1.5 inch squares. To me, that’s ridiculously small but I’m so so pleased with the outcome. I feel over the past month and a half I’ve really honed my skill and the small squares are looking much neater then the original pillow I created. So yay there! It took me about 3.5 hours so I’m happy to announce that I can start making any custom pillows (under 20 pixels) for $40 each!! Although I like Josh’s pillow, I’m refining the design to be smaller with more black so that you can see the image a little more clearly and I hope to make a enemy pillow as well so you can have the pillows suspended in mid-joust on your couch!! Stay tuned.


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