Need opinions: which design is better?




I just finished the 8-bit Zelda Emblem quilt I’ve been working on and I wasn’t totally thrilled with it. Sometimes I worry the pixels are a little too abstract to discern the pattern right away. Do you like the pattern on the top or the bottom better? I was going to make a shiny version of this quilt with a gold embroidered fabric and velvet so until I know a couple more opinions, I don’t want to get started.

Here is the original design for some reference:


Like the top quilts design? Buy it at my etsy shop!


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  1. The one you made is great and the second I think would look good just like you said with the shiny gold and velvet or a kind of black batik maybe. I think both are awesome. See now you’re confusing me and I don’t know what to make for my nephew!!! Link and Zelda are driving me nuts, lol

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