Blog: Thoughts on what I want versus what a buyer would want


I started on a new quilt yesterday. About two lines in, Collin comes in and is like, “What are you doing?” and I show him the design and he was against it because I was using a patterned quilt material instead of the classic colors. I always appreciate his feedback because he is the kind of client I’m trying to appease, but it made me think a lot about thinking outside the box when making these nerdy quilts. When I was surfing Etsy and looking at my competition, I agree with Collin that sometimes using the patterned fabric can be distracting in at 8-bit design (example: but my reason yesterday for changing it up was that “I was bored with the blue background.” (Which is 100% true. When I bought 9 yards of the sky blue I knew that by the end it was going to make me want to puke.) But I still struggle with giving up quilting fabrics with patterns. Surely in some project it’ll be ok..
Here are the two different Mario designs. I’m willing to recognize that my first design is super dark and not the best idea.. Thank you Collin for the constructive criticism. But what do you guys think of the whole ban on patterned backgrounds?

Collin actually has the same opinion about the Tetris quilt I made him too. He wishes the tetris pieces were solid color and not patterned to be truer to the game. I’m all about getting feedback so let me know if you agree, solid it better.


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