Blog about work: Home Instead Senior Care


I have a pleasure of working for a really amazing company, Home Instead. I stumbled into this work. I came from a retirement home that was for elderly with developmental disabilities. So looking at elder care was just piggy backing off my other job, although home care and group homes are very different beasts. Although I didn’t have any specific experience with schedules, I convinced the owner in an interview that I had a good head on my shoulders and could deal with the stress and I’ve been on board ever since.I’m the head scheduler, matching the clients to compatible caregivers and maintaining their daily, weekly and monthly schedules. To me its like doing a complicated puzzle and I love it.

Many people aren’t familiar with home care until their own loved ones have a “event” which makes the need for it apparent. What it comes down to is most families want to keep their elderly in home as long as possible but they can’t afford to take off work to stay by their side and keep their loved one safe and mentally stimulated. What Home Instead does is provide caregivers educated in how to care for ones physical needs (toileting, mobility, ect), who are able to redirect dementia and self motivated to engage their clients (promoting independence while up-keeping the home and staying active). If you are interested, check out our Wilmington Franchise’s website. Even though we are a business, the level of community support we provide is very generous and we are always able to answer questions and help problem solve.

So anyway, we just moved to a bigger office so that we could have a community resource and training center! It’s always fun to move into a new space but now that all the furniture is moved it, I’m feeling especially excited. Me and Lindsey (the weekend supervisor) share the best corner office! We went from a cramped, loud windowless room to a spacious 4-window space. I’m in heaven. And kind of wanted to show off. My boss is very generous to buy us such nice things. I feel very special.

We haven’t named him yet, any suggestions?

This is my favorite room! The kitchen! I was a very big supporter of getting an oven. Many co-workers didn’t this it was necessary but because I got my way, I’m going to make an effort each week to cook on it and prove how important it is.

So that’s the new office!


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