Chedder Bo Biscuit!


So In eastern NC we have a little secret called the Chedder Bo. Now calling it a cheese biscuit is almost offensive because is in comparison it is like a demi-god biscuit – and once you’ve had it, no other cheese biscuit will hit the spot. Check your local Bojangles menu to see if you have one.

Now in Chapel Hill/Raleigh, my old stomping grounds – we didn’t have them. I used to be able to only get them in Goldsboro, when I visited my grandma. So I was mislead into believing it was a Goldsboro only fare. It actually is a bigger phenomenon then that. Its belongs to a a certain franchise owner and his stores!

Check out this site to see the nearest location to you!!!!

“Check out our menu for a list of items offered at Tands Bojangles’® locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Some of the food options at Tands Bojangles’® may differ from the menus at other Bojangles’®.”

I guess I should be happy we don’t have Chedder Bos in Wilmington – or I’d eat one almost every morning for breakfast. But if you’ve never had one, I highly recommend taking the time to try.


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