Christina Perri – lovestrong


Lately I’ve been addicted to Christina Perri on Pandora.

I’m sure that you have heard her top 40 song, Jar of Hearts. Even though I knew the song, I wasn’t aware of her name and after the radio stopped playing the single – it never crossed my mind. Rewind to two weekends ago when I drove for 14 hours and on occasion was listening to random radio stations on the road. A love song I’d never heard of ripped through me and made me cry. Its not often radio songs have any emotion to move me, let alone made me sob – so I googled the lyrics. First of all – I felt like a emo kid because its from the Twilight soundtrack. I won’t diss Twilight because I have never read the books, nor seen the movies but I view Twilight as a pop phenomenon for teenage girls. So I was embarrassed a love song for vampires made me swoon, however I wanted more of her music so I queued Christina Perri up and I LOVE THIS CHANNEL! As if her romantic and emotional style doesn’t make me weepy enough, I added in Catie Curtis to this channel as well so I could maximize the tears.

Click the picture to be my friend on Pandora


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