Wilmington Cross City Trail


When my partner started biking to school, it piqued my interest to get back into biking. Now it’s something we can do together for recreation and exercise when the weather is nice. I’ve heard of “runners high” but I think it applies to biking as well. If I don’t get a satisfying 10 miles in a day I normally feel a tinge of regret. One of the great features of the city of Wilmington, NC is the cross city trail it is in the process of developing. Although not complete, it stretches across the whole city and is part of a bigger dream, the East Coast Greenway. It’s a greenway dream that connects the whole east coast in a more urban Appalachian trail idea.

Anyway, if any Wilmington locals aren’t aware of it – its an amazing paved trail to take the dog, family, self and get a little bit of nature without leaving your neighborhood. I stumbled onto this trail 6 months ago near Randall as I walked the dog around a lake I wanted to explore. Last week, my lovely found another patch of it around UNCW campus. I can’t wait to bike the Eastwood Rd part of it and make my way to Wrightsville Beach. I’m hoping to bike to the beach on the weekends as a great way to exercise and reward myself all in one afternoon!!

Now the next project is to teach my dog how to run alongside my bike so I can exercise him while taking joy rides! He has such a derpy face, but I love him. We tried tonight but he’d rather hold his own leash and run then trust me.

Max will learn how to ride the bike!!


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