Fruit Pizza


First of all, I must give credit to my co-worker Julia. This is her amazing recipe – not my own.

For the crust: Roll out sugar cookie dough into a “pizza” shape. I usually put it on a cookie sheet instead of a pizza pan so it gets a more long shape vrs circle, but make whatever shape you want! I also use box sugar cookie mix, but if you want to make your own recipe – it’ll work no mater what! Bake until the dough is brown on top – you don’t want if undercooked but at the same time I like my cookie soft, so its different for each person.

For the sauce: Take 8oz cream cheese and 1 cup sugar and whip together. Spread over the cooked cookie crust once it has cooled.

Decorate: Take your favorite fruits and top the “pizza”. My favorites are strawberries, Kiwi, and mandarin oranges. Now enjoy!


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